My friend told me why i’m not writing on blog about my fashion style coz it can inspire people. (Wow! I’m so honored.. Alhamdulillah )
Actually this is one of my reason why i’m making this blog but due to my activities which is not possible to make this blog always update
From now i think i wanna more active writing on my blog and hope it can inspire you.

This is my style when i’m attending wedding party. It only mix and match of my closet in a short time.



Glitter top : unbranded (glitter top ini sebenernya cardigan kancing depan tapi gw pake terbalik)
Necklace: hnm ( entah kenapa dr awal liat kalung ini udh naksir,pdhal belom tau mau dipadu padan sama apa,dan termasuk jarang beli accesories but cant resist not to buy it)
Skirt: numastyle (actually this is my brand.. Hehehe.. You can check at instagram @numastyle or fb numa-style)
Shoes: eblouir shoes (instagram @eblouirshoes)

Kemaren itu dalem 2 minggu ada 2x undangan wedding,jd skalian dipost aja 2-2nya



Top: treimee (instagram @treimee)
Skirt: instagram @indij_official
Shoes : instagram @eblouirshoes


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