In the mood of kaftan

Welcoming ramadhan and eid fitr means it’s kaftan time. 

From wikipedia : A kaftan or caftan ( قفطان qaftân) is a variant of the robe or tunic, versions of which have been worn by several cultures around the world for thousands of years. The kaftan is often worn as a coat or overdress, usually reaching to the ankles, with long sleeves. It can be made of wool, cashmere, silk, or cotton, and may be worn with a sash. The caftan is of ancient Mesopotamian origin.
Through its dissemination and evolution, the kaftan has acquired different styles, purposes, and names depending on the culture. In many regions with a warm climate, the kaftan is worn as a light-weight, loose-fitting garment. The kaftan has served as a symbol of royalty in some cultures and as a symbol of marriage in others during some parts of history.

In indonesia, kaftan not only wear in ramadhan and eid fitr, now it often wear for formal occasion like wedding party. 



All kaftan by @numastyle 


Colourful outfit! (Fashionstyle by me #2)

colourfull outfit made your day more colourfull! 

skirt by @numastyle 

Crop top with skirt (fashionstyle by me #1)

Sepertinya si crop top ini lagi happening lagi.. Try to mix it with skirt and ankle boots. Ankle boots bisa juga disiasati untuk pengganti kaos kaki jd punggung kaki tdk kelihatan (gara2 liat sodara pernah pake untuk tujuan tsb jdlah saya berpikiran yg sama juga) ,krn menurut bbrp pendapat punggung kaki adalah aurat. Sayapun masih suka lewat untuk menutup aurat yg satu ini 😥
Atau bs juga untuk menutupi bagian belahan samping rok ini sehingga td perlu lagi pake legging sebagai daleman.
…. and here’s the result!

Top by h&m (@hm)
Skirt by @numastyle
Shoes by @amanteshoes






My friend told me why i’m not writing on blog about my fashion style coz it can inspire people. (Wow! I’m so honored.. Alhamdulillah )
Actually this is one of my reason why i’m making this blog but due to my activities which is not possible to make this blog always update
From now i think i wanna more active writing on my blog and hope it can inspire you.

This is my style when i’m attending wedding party. It only mix and match of my closet in a short time.



Glitter top : unbranded (glitter top ini sebenernya cardigan kancing depan tapi gw pake terbalik)
Necklace: hnm ( entah kenapa dr awal liat kalung ini udh naksir,pdhal belom tau mau dipadu padan sama apa,dan termasuk jarang beli accesories but cant resist not to buy it)
Skirt: numastyle (actually this is my brand.. Hehehe.. You can check at instagram @numastyle or fb numa-style)
Shoes: eblouir shoes (instagram @eblouirshoes)

Kemaren itu dalem 2 minggu ada 2x undangan wedding,jd skalian dipost aja 2-2nya



Top: treimee (instagram @treimee)
Skirt: instagram @indij_official
Shoes : instagram @eblouirshoes

behind the scene NUMA photoshoot

hari ini bikin photo session buat produk baju anak cewe yg gw bikin.. namanya NUMA.. smoga berkah..aamiin
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alamat web kita yg ini tp masi on progress! hehehe
oiya model utk koleksi pertama ini anak gw sama ponakan gw, fotografernya sepupu gw..hehehe..